. Besides writing normally without ink, a character holding the Emerald Pen can use it to cast Illusory Script at will.

When the Blinkblade is thrown to a target creature and hits it with the attack, the wielder can choose to blink to the nearest unoccupied space within 5ft of the target creature.

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. . This is nowhere near a full list of magical swords available in 5e.

With this weapon in your hands, nasty ambushes from sneaky enemies becomes a thing of the past.

. . Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement) A hag mask is a powerful magic item with horrifying origins.

. A fairly new addition to the magical items of 5e, the Arcane Grimoire made its debut in Tasha's Cauldron Of Everything, alongside some amazing new subclasses.

It has a niche but fun ability that more creative D&D parties are sure to get use out of.

Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments.

When you are hit by an attack while wielding this weapon, you may expend 1 charge and use your reaction to reduce the incoming damage by 1d12. Mar 17, 2023 · Amulet of the Devout is perfect for making a cleric's spells as devastating as possible.

1. One hundred different magical properties to give to a magic weapon.

Requires Attunement.
Mar 17, 2023 · Amulet of the Devout is perfect for making a cleric's spells as devastating as possible.

Apr 28, 2022 · Top 10 magic items for fighters.


11 Cape Of The Mountebank. 12 Hell Hound Cloak. The vorpal sword, easily one of the most powerful swords in the whole game, is something that any fighter should be putting at the top of their Christmas list for sure.

The Cape of the Mountebank is a great gift for a martial-based character. More generally, Clerics are the best healers in the game, and have among the best support, utility, and divination options in the game. It grants a bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and the saving throw DCs of your druid and ranger spells. +1 Dagger. As such, it contains an invaluable magic item for the class.

The following effects can only be used when attuned to this weapon.

. .

+1 Dagger.

Constitution prevents many harmful effects and helps spellcasters with their Concentration.


A wondrous item with varying rarity depending on its power, the book requires attunement by a Wizard.