The Ninebot app offers the following: Firmware updates (official) Can log your trips.

Safe n Comfort Riding Experience: Front and rear wheel shock absorbers equiped with the large solid tires and the mechanical and electrical anti-lock braking system ensures a responsive braking distance of just 13.

. Ninebot F-series.

View scooter parameters of your electronic scooter.


. IAP “Read SN” output. 4, was released on 2023-04-22 (updated on 2019-09-04).


I just purchased a Ninebot G30P and have been reading up on the various firmware hacks that can be done, particularly, those involving "speed hacks" in order to change the factory settings to allow the scooter to go faster. Product page. .

org and select cfw for ESx models. .

Take the Ninebot ES2 to a whole new level by doing a factory reset and a GPS removal.


Product page. .

. org and select cfw for ESx models.

This allows you t.

Ninebot Max.


Custom firmware for Ninebot Max G30 models. Step Two – Pair your Ninebot GoKart with Your Mobile Device. With our innovative, use-friendly design, and intuitive app integration, the Ninebot S is a comfortable and convenient ride you can enjoy in no time and take with you anywhere you’d like.

org and select cfw for ESx models. Ninebot F-series. . Note: Due to the addition of the handle bar, in order to keep the vehicle in an unmanned state when the vehicle is turned on, S MAX no longer has the self-balancing function at zero-load and uses a parking bracket to. You are responsible for the values and files used. .

IAP safe mode (enabled by default, Ninebot scooters only) : firmware files are now checked upon loading and the target is selected automatically The use of the "Experimented user" mode (now available in the About tab) disables firmware checks, allows manual target selection and allows RAW commands to be sent.

Select ZIP if you want to flash using NinebotFun / ES DownG / NineFlasher. Doesn't work with CamiBLE555! "Remember Last Mode" is default.

Get ScooterHacking Utility.

Xiaomi M365.

Xiaomi M365.

My Ninebot is extremely simple compared to the MiniPro.

Launch the mobile app and search for your Ninebot GoKart.